History of ArmeniaHistory of Armenia

History of Armenia

The history of Armenia covers the topics related to the history of the Republic of Armenia, as well as the Armenian people, the Armenian language, and the regions historically and geographically considered Armenian.. Armenia is loed in the highlands surrounding the Biblical mountains of original Armenian name for the country was Hayk, later .


Modern Armenia Armenia and Europe. At the beginning of the 19th century the Russians advanced into the 1813 the Persians were obliged to acknowledge Russia's authority over Georgia, northern Azerbaijan, and Karabakh, and in 1828 they ceded Yerevan and with liberal thought in Russia and western Europe was a factor in the .
Culture of ArmeniaCulture of Armenia

Culture of Armenia

Presentday Armenia—the republic of Armenia—is a small mountainous republic that gained its independence in 1991, after seven decades of Soviet rule. It constitutes onetenth of the historical Armenian plateau. Surrounding Lake Sevan, it has an area of approximately 11,600 square miles (30,000 square kilometers).
ARMENPRESS Armenian News AgencyARMENPRESS Armenian News Agency

ARMENPRESS Armenian News Agency

 · Armenian PM congratulates Liz Truss on election as new PM of United Kingdom. NK status issue is under mandate of OSCE MG CoChairs, other discussions have nothing to do with reality Speaker. September 2. 2022. Speaker of Parliament Alen Simonyan congratulates Artsakh counterpart on Independence Day. September 2. 2022.
Armenian Food: 30 MustTry Dishes in ArmeniaArmenian Food: 30 MustTry Dishes in Armenia

Armenian Food: 30 MustTry Dishes in Armenia

 · 3. Eech. Eech (or itch) refers to an Armenian bulgur salad. It's similar to Lebanese tabbouleh except in eech, the bulgur isn't just a supporting ingredient, it's the star of the dish. Recipes for eech vary but it's typically made with bulgur, tomatoes, onions, parsley, bell peppers, paprika, lemon, and olive oil.
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Armenian Women: Most Beautiful Women of the WorldArmenian Women: Most Beautiful Women of the World

Armenian Women: Most Beautiful Women of the World

Famous and beautiful Armenian women are Rubina Khanzadyan, Angela Sarafyan, Iveta Mukuchyan, Kim Kardashian and others. Rubina Khanzadyan is an Armenian model of Victoria's Secret. Besides being a model, she is also a selftaught artist. She was born in Armenia, raised in Spain, and currently lives in the US. Rubina Khanzadyan.
Growing Armenian CucumbersGrowing Armenian Cucumbers

Growing Armenian Cucumbers

 · 1. Plant Armenian cucumbers at the right time. Before planting, prepare soil by amending with compost. When it is warm outside (consistent days above 65℉, and 80℉ is even better), plant 23 seeds ½ to 1 inch deep about 1 foot apart. When seeds are 34 inches tall, thin to 1 plant every foot.
Arms Supplies to Armenia and AzerbaijanArms Supplies to Armenia and Azerbaijan

Arms Supplies to Armenia and Azerbaijan

 · The EU launched its online database of arms exports of its member states in October 2020. It covers the years 2013 to 2019. According to the database, EU member states have exported € million worth of armaments to Armenia. Arms imports from Bulgaria (€ million) account for over 96% of the EU total in .
AzerbaijanArmenia conflict: Israelimade cluster bombs used .AzerbaijanArmenia conflict: Israelimade cluster bombs used .

AzerbaijanArmenia conflict: Israelimade cluster bombs used .

 · New evidence has emerged corroborating claims that Azerbaijan has used Israelimade cluster bombs during recent fighting against Armenia in the NagornoKarabakh region. Human Rights Watch ...
Doctors for Jaw Reshaping in Armenian Street, KolkataDoctors for Jaw Reshaping in Armenian Street, Kolkata

Doctors for Jaw Reshaping in Armenian Street, Kolkata

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Armenia | International Organization for MigrationArmenia | International Organization for Migration

Armenia | International Organization for Migration

The Republic of Armenia joined IOM as a Member State in 1993. IOM activities in the country are grounded on a number of official documents signed with the Government of Armenia, including the Cooperation Agreement on Privileges and Immunities (1994) and Memorandum of Understanding (2001). The IOM office in Yerevan was opened in 1993. The Organization's .
Armenian National dressArmenian National dress

Armenian National dress

 · Today, the only use of traditional Armenian Taraz is presented to the public via folk and national dance groups. No matter where they are, they dance with these beautiful costumes and present Armenian history and the culture abroad. Published June 15, 2018. Article by George Casparian. You may also be interested in . September 11, 2019 Taxi in Armenia May .
Jaw FractureJaw Fracture

Jaw Fracture

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Food of Armenia: 14 dishes you must try in YerevanFood of Armenia: 14 dishes you must try in Yerevan

Food of Armenia: 14 dishes you must try in Yerevan

 · 4. Armenian kebab (Khorovats) Another Armenian favorite, comin atcha! The Armenian kebab (or khorovats) is one of the national dishes – delicious skewers of pork, but you can also try lamb, beef or chicken khorovats. 5. Lahmacun – The Armenian pizza. The Armenian pizza is like regular pizza, but without the cheese.
What does ARMENIANS stand for?What does ARMENIANS stand for?

What does ARMENIANS stand for?

It has two mutually intelligible and written forms: Eastern Armenian, today spoken mainly in Armenia, NagornoKarabakh, Iran and the former Soviet republics, and Western Armenian, used in the historical Western Armenia and, after the Armenian Genocide, primarily in the Armenian diasporan communities. The unique Armenian alphabet was invented in 405 AD by Mesrop .
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Asbarez – Armenian – Armenian NewsAsbarez – Armenian – Armenian News

Asbarez – Armenian – Armenian News

Asbarez Armenian. NEWSLETTER Sept. 3, 2022 PDF ... This mode enables people with epilepsy to use the website safely by eliminating the risk of seizures that result from flashing or blinking animations and risky color combinations. Visually Impaired Mode . Visually Impaired Mode. Improves website's visuals. This mode adjusts the website for the convenience of users .
Armenian Names | Arpi KrikorianArmenian Names | Arpi Krikorian

Armenian Names | Arpi Krikorian

Meghri – region in Armenia of meghr meaning honey. Melik – prince, king. Mesrob – inventor of the Armenian alphabet. Mher – Name of an Armenian hero. Moush – An ancient Armenian city. Nareg – 9th century saint. Nayiri – Historically, Nayiri has been used interchangeably with the name Armenia.
Armenian alphabet, language and pronunciationArmenian alphabet, language and pronunciation

Armenian alphabet, language and pronunciation

 · The Armenian used between about the 11th and 15th century is known as Middle Armenian, or միջին հայերեն (mijin hayeren), and contains more loanwords from Arabic, Turkish, Persian, and Latin. The two main modern forms of Armenian emerged during the 19th century when the traditional Armenian homeland was divided between the Russian and Ottoman .
15 Best Places to Visit in Armenia15 Best Places to Visit in Armenia

15 Best Places to Visit in Armenia

 · 1. Yerevan. Source: flickr. Yerevan, Armenia. By far the largest city in Armenia, the capital Yerevan is a great place to start for anyone wishing to explore Armenia. The city is home to the grand Republic Square, while climbing the Cascade to see the city's monument to Soviet victory in the Second World War is a must.